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akirai feels are coming rushing back. idk they’re on a date i think???? trade with taylor HOPE YOU LIKE THIS ONE MORE because i do

Anonymous whispered: i recall you wrote a mifem!saru smut, mind to show me? *been searchin all nite for that fic*

Hey anon! Okay so can you direct this question to my main blog, harukanannase? I’ll answer it there :)


"Don’t zoom in so close!"

Rin is definitely the type of person who zooms in on people’s faces when making videos. Is this inspired by the idea of Rin and Haru going on holiday to Australia yes of course it is

trade with taylor i’m sorry this is so dull-ish i hope you like it anyway!!!

swimming girlfriends on a date because i really don’t know how to draw boys (something that makes me extremely sad)


this took me AGES i’m gonna do a saru one next you know what this can be his early birthday present i aint doing anything else for ya


for sarumi fest 2014 i’m so sorry i fail at backgrounds also i like to believe that they have clothes besides the one’s they wear in the show like really boys you can’t wear the same thing every day


misaki snaps homra selfies on vacation and saru is not amused. for sarumi fest 2014

look it’s my workstation

i need to stop using horizontal canvases…but well here have some kagehinas